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Our Team

The AH Board is comprised of local professionals that have one goal in mind - to give youth sports back to the kids. Our collaborative strengths offer a unique backbone in coaching, public awareness, financial stability and growth to further develop the organization that was initiated by the heart and soul of a child himself!

Meet the Team

Chana McIntyre
WHATS MY WHY?-  Athletic Haven's mission of inclusivity is something I am passionate about and motivates me to advocate and grow our reach.  “The best thing about what we do is that we are not only here to develop the kids skills but also to help develop their confidence in themselves.” 

FUN FACT-  Chana was a starting power forward on her high school varsity basketball team in Manhattan NY

Erica Johnson


Sarah Alfons
WHATS MY WHY?-  I wanted to be a part of Athletic Haven because when my two boys attended their first clinic with AH they walked away with more confidence and joy in sports. Something new sparked inside of them and it made this mama heart explode  I also have a passion to be a part of serving the community around me and imparting that same confidence in others that my boys feel at every clinic.

FUN FACT- Sarah is an identical twin!

Karin Krasevac-Lenz

FUN FACT-  Karin has lived in 2 countries and 7 states (so far!)

Scott Glasheen
WHATS MY WHY?- I love the organization and what it stands for. Youth sports taught me values that apply in everyday life and some of my favorite childhood memories are from playing sports as a kid. I believe that every kid deserves a chance to learn those lessons and create those memories and I love contributing to an organization whose main focus is to create a positive environment where they can do just that. 

FUN FACT- Athletic Haven Founder Scott McIntyre was my JV coach for 2 years at Voorheesville High School.

Doug Lenz
WHATS MY WHY?-   I have been a soccer, softball & baseball coach for many years.  One of my life motto's is "Impact Lives" and coaching kids is an exceptional way to achieve this goal.  Hearing about the Athletic Haven's mission to help create opportunities for all kids to play and compete in sports motivated me to volunteer.  Knowing how involvement in team sports can impact so many positive aspects of a young child's life makes my time helping Athletic Haven so worthwhile.

FUN FACT-  Doug is an Adirondack 46er which means that he has climbed all 46 peaks higher than 4000 ft in the Adirondack Mountains  - in both summer and winter!  This feat is equivalent to climbing Mt Everest 7 times!

Scott McIntyre
WHATS MY WHY?- As a long time coach in the area, I saw the need for kids to have more economical opportunities' to participate in sports.  When my son passed away in 2012, I tried to think of a way to honor him and give back in the best way I could.  Four years later, Athletic Haven was launched!   

FUN FACT- Scott was a championship rollerskater as a child, competing nationally!

NAS Headshot.JPG
Naomi Storch
WHATS MY WHY?-  I often attribute much of my character to the invaluable lessons about discipline, perseverance and resilience that I gained while participating in sports from a young age. Sports not only offered a venue to help build my confidence but inspired me to show the same support coaches and teammates provided me along the way. Athletic Haven's mission aims to give aspiring athletes that same feeling of inclusion, aspiration and confidence. These are just a few examples why Athletic Haven's mission is so crucial for the future of other children to succeed.

FUN FACT-   Held the 100m dash collegiate record for 13 years before it was broken by .30 seconds!

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