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ATHLETIC HAVEN would like to recognize and thank the following organizations and individuals for their support of our programs and our local youth.


Without the help of our sponsors and donors, our organization and the opportunities we offer would not be possible.


Please help us recognize and support the local businesses that support our community!


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Finewill Companies
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Judy Bethon - Gina & Mark Bette - Lori & Judd Feinman - Sheela & Tim Graney - Scott McIntyre & Chana Krausz Papp - Scott & Kathleen Paton - Gina & Alex Tronco


Open Gyms and Skills Clinic

Softball Clinics

November 13, 2021 2-3:30p

Basketball Clinics

October 16, 2021 2-3:30p

Open Gyms

Not Currently Available

Athletic Haven is BACK!

After a long hiatus due to the Caronavirus pandemic, Athletic Haven has launched plans for some of our programs to return using alternative facilities. 

In a commitment to the ongoing threat that COVID-19 continues to present, Athletic Haven will be practicing the social distancing measures recommended by the NYS Dept. of Heatlh.  These will include, but are not limited to mask wearing, distancing of 6ft. or 12ft. at points of full exertion, no spitting or gum chewing, and more.  

In respect to the partnership we have enjoyed with the Troy City School District to utilize their facilities, we support the sound guideline they are following to keep our community healthy and safe, & look forward to resuming that relationship when the time permits.  

To follow the latest developments related to COVID-19, follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Continue to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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