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Our travel teams are led by experienced coaches who focus on all aspects of the game — physical, mental and emotional. We pride ourselves in having committed coaches who know the game, care about our youth athletes, and truly coach the right way – for the kids!

Athletic Haven strives to not only help underserved youth athletes in the Capital Region, but also to teach those athletes the benefits of paying it forward and helping others. Through our Athletic Awareness program, athletes raise funds and awareness for local charities and causes.

How Does it All it Work?

  • Players try out for a travel team in their sport and age group

  • Once they have made a team, they need to secure a sponsor for the season.  This can be a relative, friend, business, etc. The sponsor pledges what they would like to (per basket, goal, or hit).  Range should be between $.50 & $1. 

  • At the first practice, the team will choose from a list of local charities that have partnered with Athletic Haven

  • The team will elect a team parent to track the raised funds throughout the season.

  • The players will then earn funds (paid by the sponsor) through their play throughout the season based on the following:

$5 awarded to the player with the best teamwork each game

$5 awarded to the player with the best communication each game

$5 awarded to the player with the best sportsmanship each game

Total sponsor supported donation per basket, goal, hit per player

  • Players (sponsors) will raise a maximum of $100 for the season.

  • At the end of the season, all funds will be collected from the sponsors and donated in that player’s name to the charity of choice.

For questions regarding any of our teams or to sign up, please contact us at

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